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a fundamental change

Mijn commentaar aldaar

This is what I think: This world is not out of control, but it is about control based on “the rule of law”, as they say; “not the rule of the jungle, but the rule of law”. And their argument is (read the media) that the crypto market is a jungle and in need of that rule of law.

But…. the less control you as a citizen have, the more the rulers and thus moneymaking industry has. That’s why the people love their bitcoin. It gives them a (false)idea of independency. But for how long? Central Banks all over the world have been buying gold for a decade and for a reason. In Germany citizens are not allowed to buy gold, at least that was the plan. I don’t know if they made it into law, anyway, they made it attractive to sell gold and to buy bitcoin, or whatever cryptocoin, for the common man.

Central banks on the other hand are quite busy introducing a world crypto coin, order out of the chaos, and re-establish the gold standard, so that the islamic world can join the party, for not only cryptomoney but also shares. 

The bitcoin value is expressed in dollars. And the value get’s higher and higher and higher. So that it is very attractive for the common man to buy. Do you think that ,when the dollar and the euro are gone, because of the rule of law, you can exchange your crypto’s into the central banks cryptocurrency? 

The big boys warned you. Elon Musketier said: only buy crypto if you can bear the risk. Billy the Kid told you: it’s a scam. That made it even more attractive for people to buy bitcoin. They don’t want “to be a thief of their own purse”, I read in the comments.

What I want to say is this: It is a ‘silent’ take-over that is going on for years now. In the Netherlands the rulers have given the pension funds permission to invest in Bitcoin. But remember, the big boys rather invest in land and smart solutions, that the common man will need in the near future.  How soon, It depends how far the countries are with the roll out of the AI infrastructure and the bit farms. Bitcoin paved and still is paving the way.

Overigens werd mijn commentaar niet zichtbaar na verzending. Blij dat ik het had gekopieerd en het hier kon plaatsen.

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